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NEW: The Rich The Kid Interview - No Jumper

No Jumper has been the go-to channel for rap fans to geek out over for a number of years now. The channel's most popular output is their series of in-depth (and we talking REALLY in-depth) interviews with rappers and cultural-figures of the rap world.

The latest in this series of chin-wags sees the forever rich, forever grinning Rich The Kid step into the No Jumper studio to talk to host Adam22. No Jumper is well-known for bringing out some of the best stories, anecdotes and new-slang words from its guests but for some reason Rich The Kid seems to be in a funny mood throughout. If you are a die-hard Rich The Kid fan; you'll love giggling at how high he appears to be but if you are a newcomer to Rich The Kid maybe just go listen to his music instead. It's a lot more coherent (for the most part).

Watch 'The Rich The Kid Interview' with 'No Jumper' below.

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