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  • Jack Parker (@JackyParker93)

DJ Jacky P introduces...FLYBOYS™

Here we have it, another fresh contribution from Jack Parker. This time round the Birmingham based DJ brings to us an exclusive article introducing 'Flyboys', who will be performing at his brand new night 'Thug Tears' which will be held at Amusement 13 in Digbeth, Birmingham this Friday.

London offers a never-ending stream of exciting artists so when you find something special; it's extra special. I was tipped off about the duo Flyboys by the artist Col3trane who was sharing his love for their debut tune 'Whips'. The chemistry between the Flyboys team becomes apparent after a few repeat plays of 'Whips' which they have recently followed up with 'She's Got It'.

Both tunes are produced by Jay Blu who brings bright, clean production to the table. It seems like they've stumbled upon the magic formula. Within their sound you can hear elements of classic R'n'B rubbing shoulders with confident, cocky rap. Their lyrical content offers just enough detail into the personal lives of the artists to give it a familiar feeling and their charismatic flexing is hard not to get swept up with.

It's still early days for Flyboys but I feel like they are ones to watch. They aren't afraid to make feel good flex tunes and you can tell they are gunning for mass appeal. Their sound is richly melodic and easy to sing along to so it won't be long before you see people bumping them in their Instagram stories.

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