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NEW VIDEO: Mowgli ft. Scooby - Trap All Week - (Visuals by. @HallamP110) - [@MicoDaKid - @P110Media]

We have more West Midlands rap being presented to us by P110, as Mowgli and Scooby link up for their brand new track 'Trap All Week'. This one arrived earlier this week, and it has got the 0121 talking.

These two artists fully embrace the new rap wave that has spread across the UK, and they are definitely bringing their own vibe to it. As they deliver their cold raps, with some slight hints of auto-tune throughout, it is a sonically pleasing track which is definitely set to pick up views.

'Trap All Week' has definitely been enhanced as a complete product by the visuals that Hallam has cooked up. The P110 representative has directed, shot and edited a quality piece of work, which definitely gives the track a cutting edge.

Check it out below.

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