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NEW E.P: Vital - Clean Hearts Only

September 9, 2017

Here we have it, the follow up from 'Powers'. Vital is back with a brand new project entitled 'Clean Hearts Only'. It's been an extremely active year for the WV figure head, with the delivery of 'Powers' and the Headline Show that followed. We've then see him appear on our platform here at CGuk, aswell as BBC Radio 1Xtra, WestSide, while still remaining consistent with the delivery of the hardest visuals, and freestyles.


This project consists of 12 tracks with a number of producers, and fellow artists joining Vital on this new body of work. We see Juxta, Detonator, Heckz, Denver, Ivory Blocc, Shadow On The Beat and City of Gxd all contribute with beats, while Westlee, Phundo Art, Heckz, BeeNiice, and Elektric all deliver some cold vocals.





1.  Release - (Prod by. Juxta)


2. All That We Know ft. Phundo Art - (Prod by. Detonator)


3. DXCE - (Prod by. Detonator)


4. White Lies ft. Westlee - (Prod by. Detonator)


5. Rise ft. Heckz - (Prod by. Heckz)


6. Act - (Prod by. Heckz)


7. This One - (Prod by. Denver)


8. VICTIM - (Prod by. Ivory Blocc)


9. Lisa ft. BeeNiice - (Prod by. ShadowOnTheBeat)


10. Relay ft. Phundo Art - (Prod by. City of Gxd)


11. Jeremy Corbyn - (Prod by. Detonator)


12. Clean Hearts Only - ft. Elektric - (Prod by. Detonator)



Once again, Vital has marketed this release perfectly, with a healthy amount of visuals, alongside a radio tour and an intelligently strategised social media campaign. We have seen him bring exclusive visuals via platforms like Instagram and Twitter, aswell as making everything accessible through his personalised web address, is definitely no questioning his work rate and determination when it comes to music. The WV man proudly represents his city whether it's in his lyrics, activities within the industry, or simply just the quality and quantity of visuals that him and his team bring to us.



There is already talk of a new visual from the project which was released via all major outlets just over 24 hours ago. Earlier today Vital dropped a sneak peak for a 'DXCE' visual via his Instagram. Check it out below.



For me, from the production all the way through to the delivery of this project, there has been a level of quality maintained throughout. The quality of the beats and vocals stands strong, and props must be given to Heckz who mixed and mastered the whole thing.


Clean Hearts Only represents exactly what Vital is capable of, we see a range of genres on this one, and it is this project which positions him in his own lane to move forward. From when you see the track listing you can already envision the diversity on the project.  After listening to 'Powers' which was a complete solo project, it is good to see Vital bring through his peers on this one. 


This body of work was the perfect elevation from 'Powers', and if you haven't checked it out yet, then make sure you do so via the link below.


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