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DJ Jacky P introduces...TRIPPIE REDD

This weeks edition of 'DJ Jacky P introduces' see's him shed light on the talent of upcoming star 'Trippie Redd'.


A storm of buzz has slowly been circulating around Ohio native rapper Trippie Redd. He is blurring the line between modern trap and emo rock. His wailing flows are loose and draw out melodies until his voice cracks. The loose free-wheeling nature of his music has caused a major reaction in rap fans. Old heads beware; Trippie Redd is strictly for the new gen. The rap press is taking notice too with XXL magazine and Pigeons & Planes both running regular articles on Redd. 



His tune 'Love Scars / You Hurt Me' has firmly put his name on the rap map. This is the strongest example of his sound. His lyrical content throws together over-emotional whining about love and heartbreak alongside gang-related lingo and tough guy talk.



He is often compared to rap's current biggest rock star; Lil Uzi Vert but Trippie is yet to come out with a fully-formed banger like Uzi. It's the imperfect parts of his sound that seem to be appealing to the millions of youngsters pressing play however; not everyone wants to be listening to perfectly polished hits all the time. The aesthetic of his image and his music videos open up his world of heavy-metal appropriating imagery and rock-star chic. He works closely with rappers like Lil Wop, UnoTheActivist and Tekashi69 but it's always Trippie who shines brightest often out-shining his guest features.


Trippie Redd is a refreshingly reckless rapper with rock star ambitions. Let's see where he takes it.



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