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NEW VIDEO: @Wretch32 ft. @Donaeo & @KojoFunds - Whistle - (Directed by. @JoaoRetorta)

Last week, Wretch 32 hit us with a brand new track with a huge line up. 'Whistle' dropped across the streaming outlets, immediately received radio play, and before you know it the track is being bumped across the nation, and everyone is talking about. Yesterday we received the visuals for this hit, and they are as clean and hold the same quality as the audio itself.

These three all go in with their verses, but that was never in question. Wretch, Kojo and Donae'o have all had amazing years so far, and if they continue to produce material this cold, things will only be getting better.

Joao Retorta is the man we can thank for the creative direction and structure of this sick new visual. With the track holding such a strong reputation it is always difficult to ensure the visuals are just as hard, but he has exceeded all expectations, hence the growing views.

Make sure you check out the 'Whistle' music video below.

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