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  • Jack Parker (@JackyParker93)

DJ Jacky P introduces...TAY-K

Here at CGuk we have a brand new series to bring to you. DJ Jacky P will be doing a weekly post showcasing the hottest upcoming talent. To kick off the series the Birmingham based creative opens our ears to the sound of Tay-K.

Playboi Carti has been flexing to it at his sold out shows. Lil Yachty has been bumping it on his Instagram. It's safe to say Tay-K's tune 'The Race' has blown up in a big way.

Tay-K hasn't been doing his thing for long and to be honest he hasn't been alive for long. This tearaway teen has whipped up some crazy controversy around him. He is currently locked up due to various charges including murder. All the talk around his name and his criminal activity has helped propel his music into the mass conscious of rap fans. His style is rooted in the rough and ready sound of the SoundCloud rap movement. His tunes have melodic, bright production with big booming drum patterns and the production helps carry his punchy, simple lines that are littered with imagery about shooting just about anyone and everyone. He's been performing on stage from a very young age and footage from his most recent shows depict Tay-K whipping crowds up into violent frenzies.

No one knows if or when Tay-K will get out of prison. In the mean time you can jam his tape #SantanaWorld. His activity outside of music is crazy questionable and gets pretty dark when you look further into it but his tunes are simple, house-party ready gangsta-rap bangers.

Check out 'The Race' below.

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