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UPDATE: @KingPMoney & @ProducerZeph send more shots for each other!

The most entertaining war since Bugzy and Chip has continued. With so much history and politics surrounding this situation, it is no surprise that these two have so much to say to each other. We've seen 2 E.P's from P, and a number of dubs from Dot. And, now we have more.

Dot slows it down on this one, and moves away from grime which has been at the heart of this beef. He comes with almost 8 minutes worth of lyrics and it is good to see him take the time and come with a slower vibe allowing us to really take in what he is telling us. So, now Dot has showed his versatility it stands him in a good position. But, P Money was ready with another dub which dropped yesterday. And, he is labelling it as 'The Last One'.

Over the past week or so, P Money has taken to Snapchat, and if you have him on the social media platform you will have heard the way he has been talking about Dot Rotten. After, 'Spirit Bomb' dropped, we received 'Shut Up Blud' which see's P go in over a Swifta beat, and as per usual he attacks this one with real power and precision. P labelled this as 'The Last One', but Dot still came back with another. Just hours after 'Shut Up Blud' reached YouTube, Dot had dropped 'The Truth Part 2'.

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