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NEW TRACK: @7Teen_XVII - You Got To Know

Upcoming star, 17, is back with a fresh new track. The young talent has been putting in serious work since we stepped into 2017. He has been releasing music via his YouTube channel, but after a sudden change of heart, felt it was necessary to re-start his catalogue and start a fresh.

We were teased with a trailer of some sort on the channel, but, 'You Got To Know' officially marks the beginning of 17's catalogue as we know it today. Personally, I feel his sound is much clearer, and the quality of music is much higher than before. There was always talent their, and now it has been engineered and mastered correctly, we have a much more sonically pleasing piece of work.

You may be able to notice a date behind the track title on the artwork. Does this mean a project is on the way? We'll have to wait and see.

In the mean time, check out 'You Got To Know' below.

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