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UPDATE: The @KingPMoney & @ProducerZeph war continues...

The latest we'd heard from the P vs Dot scenario, was Dot's version of 'Real Talk'. Today, it esculated massively and we got 2 new dubs from each artist.


So, P reignited the flame with his 'Did You Notice?' track. Another, Thomas Mellor production, and an extremely significant one at that. The original track created on this beat was 'Straight Up'. A game changer for the 0121 after Skepta dropped the remix, and endorsed Birmingham and the talent inside the city. Once again, it has risen to the surface, and this time it is used to go in on Dot Rotten.

It took Dot two days to come back with some heavy bars, but he definitely reached levels. "Facts' dropped via his YouTube channel. This send see's him jump on one of his own beats, and give P Money 'facts'.

We then received another send from Dot shortly after... It is clear for everyone to see that both of these have got large amounts of ammunition for one another, but Dot hit P twice in the same day. This next dub is entitled 'Steak Bake' and saw Dot come back on a serious grime beat, and for me out of the two he dropped, this one was much heavier than facts. Check it below.

Obviously, P Money wasn't going to sit back and let Dot come at him twice in the same day, and not respond. P rapidly flipped the tables and came back instantly with 'Bruck Beyond Broke'. This one had to be of a high standard. After Rotten came through with two heavy tracks, and covered some personal topics, it was vital that P came back with something just as serious. And, that is exactly what he did. The UK legend came back on a raw grime beat, and came with some cold bars for Dot. 

Today has definitely been the most exciting, and action packed day for this beef. They have had the whole of the scene talking, and it won't be long until we are receiving even more dubs very soon. In the mean time, catch up with all the latest from the scenario, and stay updated via CGuk.



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