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INTERVIEW: @Tyga sits down with @BreakfastClubAM and discusses Kylie Jenner, upcoming mixtape, Cash Money and more

T-Raww stopped by The Breakfast Club to promote his upcoming mixtape 'Bitch I'm The Shit 2'. He discusses new music, Cash Money, Kylie Jenner, Blac Chyna & Rob Kardashian, 21 Savage and more.


The Breakfast Club crew also touch on the Cash Money situation with Tyga, he tells the team that he is waiting for Wayne to get all his money back, he doesn't want to hurt his case. But after Lil Wayne gets his money, it is something that he would look into - he hasn't received money off Cash Money for so many hits; Rack City, Molly, Hookah and more.

Angela Lee shifts the conversation from Kylie Jenner and all the Kardashian gossip, onto the music. She says "So lets talk about the mixtape... cause your son is on the tape, so what's he doing on there." Tyga tells them "He's on the hook, he just rapping a little bit" "Every time I'm in the studio he will come in there and throw the headphones on, so he was just saying a bunch of stuff." You can watch the video to that track over at CGUK here.



Charlemagne asks "What happened to Chris Brown, y'all still cool?" Tyga replies "Yeah I threw a party the other day, he was at the crib." You can watch the full interview below and see what T-Raww has to say.



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