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UPDATE: @KingPMoney drops 'Liars In The Booth' & 'Snake EP' - What's next?

The beef continues...

P Money came at Dot's initial 'Organised Grime' diss with 'Real Talk', a track which saw the Grime scene legend go in over Dapz and Jaykae's 'Froggy'. Whilst dropping his first reply, he announced that it really was war time and that there would be a full EP for his competitor.

Dot clearly didn't feel threatened, and was not going to be silenced. The talented producer and MC came back with 10/10, and it cannot be denied, he went in. But, we all knew that it wasn't going to be left there.

P Money came back with 'Liars In The Booth', and shortly following this visual for this track, the EP came, and is now available on all digital streaming outlets.

Snake EP - Tracklist

1. Real Talk

2. Mug

3. Liars In The Booth

So, where does it go from here? Dot and P are both highly talented, and are both prepared for war. Dot is keeping it original with the rawness, but P Money has come with a professional approach and has changed the game of 'clashing'.

An EP has arrived with 3 tracks. Dot sent first, P replied, Dot came back, and now we have 2 additional sends for Dot on the EP that we had not heard before. For me right now the game is in Dot's hands, he has to come out better than ever, and come with something more powerful than the EP.

We also need to remember that, P Money has already announced that there will be a 'Snake EP 2'.

So what's next for these two?

In my opinion, the only way we can come to a conclusion is an old school clash. Jammer, let's get them on 'Lord Of The Mics' and settle it in true grime fashion.

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