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NEW: @DizzeeRascal drops 'Wot U Gonna Do?' as we await the arrival of 'Raskit'

After dropping 'Space' earlier this month, and announcing a brand new album and tour, Dizzee is back with another track. 'Wot U Gonna Do?' comes to us via his Vevo, and with no surprises, it is collecting serious views.

The people have been waiting for Dizzee's return to Grime for years, and now he is back and hitting us with some fresh new hits.

'Wot U Gonna Do?' see's Dizzee touch on some serious topics. For me, it seems that the theme of the track is whether the UK legend is going to be well received following his return. The East London MC built a huge following in the UK scene, both underground and the mainstream. But, are they going to be receptive of this comeback? Are they still going to show love to his music.

His two releases preparing the arrival of 'Raskit' bring back the raw, underground vibe that we were used to. And, I am looking forward to hearing the full project.

But, in the mean time we are all going to have to stay patient and wait for it to drop. Rumour has it that it is coming this month.

Check out 'Wot U Gonna Do?' below.

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