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NEW: Mura Masa ft. Desiigner & 67 - All Around The World - Directed by. Jeaniq

After dropping the original a month ago, Mura Masa and Desiigner have re-visited their popular track 'All Around The World' and the duo clearly felt it needed a UK vibe. Who better to approach than one of the most popular UK Rap crews right now? Yes, you guessed it..67 got the call and they go in on this one.



The Brixton Hill crew are showing everybody that they are capable of so much more than just drill and UK Rap. This track see's them expose their versatility and showcase their talents on a different kind of vibe. Not only this but they also see their names alongside global talents in Desiigner and Mura Masa. Desiigner went viral with 'Panda' and his unique sound, while Mura Masa has worked with the likes of A$AP Rocky. Both hold strong global reputations, while 67 hold a very strong UK rep. Everyone involved in this link up is benefiting, and to top it off the finished product is cold and is already doing numbers.


The man responsible for these cold visuals is Jeaniq. A creative who has worked alongside 67 in the past, and is responsible for some of the hardest visuals in the UK scene over the past 12 months. Jeaniq excelled himself with this one, and really matched the vibe and meaning of the track with his shots. 67 bring a UK vibe to an international track which holds the title 'All Around The World', and we see cameos from the likes of, Section Boyz and Stormzy, while we filter back into shots of 67 shutting down live shows. For me, this exposes the idea of the UK succeeding and striving forward whilst getting strong recognition on a global basis.


Make sure you check out this new release below.


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