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NEWS: @Skepta launches exclusive clothing line 'MAINS' - [@Selfridges]

Skepta has entered the world of fashion. We have seen his music take off globally over the past few years, and is continuing to make waves in countries across the world. It is safe to say he has played a huge part in the uprising of Grime and UK artists in general. But, it is clear for everyone to see that Skepta is not just musically creative.

The North London based artist has built a cult following from his regular reference to 'Tracksuit Mafia' and it has now seen the UK and many other countries become much more receptive of tracksuits and other sportswear. These items of clothing disappointingly carried negative connotations with the 'upper classes' and more wealthy, but as Grime became more and more popular, the artists at the forefront of the scene became influences and role models for the younger generations. Skepta has shaped a generation, and has now took an official step through the fashion industry doors.

After spending two long years preparing and turning his ideas into reality, it has finally been launched and is exclusive to Selfridges. Although the collection is

simplistic and plain with it's limited colour palette, it carries a lot of meaning and their is a lot of thought behind the movement.

Skepta told Vogue Magazine:

"I’m tired of logos. The whole thing was about the ability to wear a tracksuit anywhere. I wanted a tracksuit that I could wear without feeling less entitled than anyone else."

The BBK figure head also told us how this is for life. It is not merchandise, it is a business venture which is not going to follow hypes and trends. Skeppy and his team will be making high quality garments, and the brand will be built with integrity.

Check out the collection below.

MAINS London @ Selfridges

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