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INTERVIEW: CGuk catch up with JAY1

Earlier this week the CGuk team caught up with Coventry based artist, Jay1. Someone who has had a very productive start to 2017, and it is safe to say his name is becoming popular within the scene. The CGuk team thought it was the perfect time to catch up with him and let the people get to know the rising star a little better, and what he has planned for the future.

So, how old are you and where are you from? Jay1: I turned 20 in January and I'm originally from London, but I moved to Coventry like 3 years back with my family. What is it like coming from such a big city, to a much quieter city like Coventry? Jay1: At first I didn't like the idea of moving to Coventry, I hated it for about a year because I wasn't chilling with anyone. I’d say I'm used to living in Coventry now because I’ve built a strong circle of friends. Are you still in contact with your people in London? Jay1: I'm always going back to London to visit my family and the people I grew up with. We first got to hear your material through SoundCloud a year ago with the ‘Grammy’s Remix’. You then went on to bring out frequent releases, and more recently you gave us a remix of ‘Shape Of You’ which was well received. Do you think you built a good following on SoundCloud, and do you believe it has played a part in your growing success as you look to drop regular visuals and release music via platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music? Jay1: Yeah, I started making music on SoundCloud literally this time last year and got a decent response. I've always been able to spit bars but I never took it onto a larger scale, I started taking it serious in mid December. But, SoundCloud did play a part, a lot of people from Coventry was listening to my music. I think the 'Grammy’s Remix' gave me a boost you know because I got such a good response on Twitter and social media.

We saw you linked up WSTRN member, Akelle. How did that come about? Can we expect a Jay1 x WSTRN collaboration in the future?

Jay1: After I performed at Batchwood, me and my manager saw Akelle from WSTRN. My manager approached him and told him about me, and from then we followed each other on the socials. I’m not too sure about a feature to be honest, we haven't spoken about any of that.

As an upcoming artist, who do you look up to and gain inspiration from? What music did you grow up listening to? Jay1: Growing up I was listening to artists such as Skepta, Chipmunk, Kano, Wiley, Scorcher and Wretch 32. These were my favourite artists, I only knew about Stormzy when I moved to Coventry, so around the age of 17... I got into him from there. But, Chipmunk will always be my favourite artist, he's too wavy. If you could work with 1 artist of your choice who would it be? Jay1: Right now...probably Hardy Caprio, I think he is wavy. Finally, to finish up, what’s next for Jay1? I've got a Link Up TV freestyle on the way, that should be out soon, and hopefully more tracks, visuals and live shows.

So, that wraps up our interview with one of the hottest upcoming talents from the UK. Jay1 is definitely one to watch for, and if you haven't already, you can check out his latest release 'Rosé' above.

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