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NEW: @ItsBigZuu teams up with @GRMDaily & @KaylumDennis for a Grenfell Tower tribute

After the tragic events at Grenfell Tower the whole nation has come together to show support to those affected and help avoid another tragedy taking place. GRM Daily, Kirx and Kaylum Dennis announced a project where they would be giving London artists the opportunity to release a music video with the intention to raise awareness and offer support. The visuals would all be released via GRM Daily. To take part it would cost £300 but all money will be going towards the cause.

Big Zuu who is local to Latimer teamed up with Kaylum and the GRM Daily team to pay tribute and let everybody know that this is real life, it could have been avoided, and the people will overcome and continue to rise up.

Zuu approaches this one with some heartfelt content, Kaylum has collected footage from around the site and has constructed a touching representation of the amount of love shared amongst the people in this tough time.

'Nothing can bring back what was lost but we can honour them in our memories and our art.'

Please make sure you donate to the cause, and do what you can to help rebuild these peoples live. Follow the link below.


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