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NEWS: @DJKhaled reveals the artwork for the 'Grateful' physical copies

Another cover...

If you thought DJ Khaled was done when he released the cover for his upcoming album 'Grateful', you need to think again. We are just under two weeks away from the release of potentially the biggest album this year and Khaled decides to reveal that he will have a deluxe edition of the album (he will be putting 'Grateful' on two disks.) So he has now revealed the cover art for the deluxe edition and if you thought the first cover was good, this one will receive a lot more praise.

This cover once again features his son/executive producer Asahd Khaled, wearing a matching baby blue suit to his Dad Khaled. We see the Father and Son pose in matching suits as Asahd is sitting on a miniature throne and his Dad stands tall besides him. Check out the official cover below.

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