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NEW: @TheBugzyMalone drops #NoBigDeal freestyle

3 years ago Bugzy Malone burst on to the scene and started making serious waves in the UK Grime scene with his cold freestyles. Many became aware of the Mancunian MC from his JDZ Media freestyles, one in particular, his 'Spitfire'.

This freestyle saw him go in over a Dot Rotten produced beat, and currently sits at 8 million views. Bugzy recently took the time to return to the same spot, to record a fresh new freestyle with the same people in the background, just in flashier clothes, and flashier cars. This really shows how far Bugzy has come, and he is definitely set to raise the levels even higher the 'King Of The North' EP.

This time round he spits over a cold instrumental from 'The Heavytrackerz', and he definitely matches the same levels as his early freestyles.

Bugzy is showing everyone that he hasn't lost his spark and he is still capable of sticking to his roots and doing a hood freestyle, despite seeing the finer side of the industry.

Check it out below.

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