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The Rise Of WV!

In the early days of Grime, Wolverhampton was home to some of the hardest acts out there including, TNG, Higher Stakes, Takeover, TYG, Younger Stakes, and Dirty Era. It has been a while since we have seen a buzz around the city musically, but the Wolves are on the rise again. There is a huge amount of hype surrounding WV right now with some huge talent making waves in the scene.

Coming off the back of the #LateNightInWV cypher, the collective of creatives took it one step further and recently shut down the BBC Radio 1Xtra studios for DJ Target's #TeamTakeOver.

The CGuk team shared the experience with Vital, Jinx TouchWood, Reepa, Raider, Heckz, Infamous Dimez, Detonator, DJ KingPin, and JD Shot You.

A strong unit consisting of MC's, producers, DJ's, Bloggers, and Photographers. After forming the #LateNightInWV cypher and attending the BBC Broadcasting House with the team, I feel we created a strong connection, this then led to me discovering the high levels of work rate, passion and determination to succeed in music, and it is now clear for me to see that this is the year of the Wolf.

As soon as they stepped into the studios, works began to flow, whether it was working on beats or discussing recent projects. But, one thing was for certain, everyone was focused on the task at hand and was ready to get into the booth.

This was a huge opportunity to showcase their talents and perform their tracks. For example, we saw 'Love For Grime' from Vital, 'Fralla' from Jinx TouchWood, and 'Traphouse' from Infamous Dimez. As we saw the hottest tracks out of WV live in the studio, DJ KingPin also kept us at one with the true culture of the Grime scene by spinning a variety of instrumentals coming from WV's very own, Detonator and Heckz. The talented disc jockey also played some popular beats including, Rebound X's 'Rhythm 'N' Gash, and 'Circles' from Preditah, not only this but we also saw the likes of Zeph Ellis, ZDot and Krunchie get spun.

It is safe to say that the crew did their city proud. Every MC pulled through with the hottest content, and delivered it expertly. Everyone came together and worked as a unit to shell down and let the people know about the talent in Wolverhampton. There is clear unity amongst this collective of talented artists, and they are all striving towards success and greatness. If they continue to take full advantage of these opportunities and work hard to earn more, then it will not be long until the whole of the UK recognise Wolves as a real powerhouse in the UK music scene.

So, let's get to know some of the main heads in Wolves a little better...


Potentially one of the most dynamic artists and creatives to come out of the Midlands. We have seen him work on a range of genres, from Dancehall, UK Rap, Grime, through to covers of tracks such as Adele's 'Hello'. After dropping the collaborative 'POWERS EP' with Heckz last year, we saw his name surge into the iTunes Charts and reach the top 20. The talented MC is globally trained on the microphone as he travelled to the States, Cyprus and various other destinations, this has enhanced his sound and increased his levels of versatility. As the WV man reflects on what was a successful 2016, he continues to plot and plan for next phase, #CleanHeartsOnly.

Instagram: @Vital0

Twitter: @Vital0

Jinx TouchWood

After dropping 'FRALLA' at the beginning of the year the Motion Daily affiliate set the bar high for himself as he attacks the Heckz produced beat and comes through with some clean visuals, but this is just the beginning. Jinx has big things in the pipe line and holds no fear over matching the quality of the track.

If you have checked out the 'Team Takeover' or #LateNightInWV you will know that Jinx does not mess around when it comes to bars. His clever wordplay, and cold content is delivered expertly as he carries himself with confidence and power on the microphone. Jinx is an artist who is renowned for his talents on a 140 beat, but do not be mistaken, he holds the ability to switch it up at any point, and I look forward to hearing him explore and adventure with his sound.

Instagram: @trilltroy1

Twitter: @JinxTouchWood


Another Motion Daily member. Reepa, an MC who comes with a deep, dark tone and flow which attacks beats and secures views. We have seen Reepa go in on a number of freestyles over the past 12 months, including two JDZ Media 'Road Rages', and a P110 'Hoods Hottest'. Aswell as this we have seen him drop the SBTV featured t'SXL BRXTHXRS' and collaborative track 'In These Streets' which features MD affilate, Firing. These drops alongside regular solo releases have contributed to the buzz around his name, and after going in on #WV1XtraTakeOver, it is only a matter of time before people are talking about him and the WV crew.

Instagram: @reepa_wv

Twitter: @ReepaMDaily


Upcoming MC, Firing, has been in and around the scene showcasing his talents for some time, but this year he is setting pace and building a powerful name for himself. After dropping his 'Road Rage' earlier this year, and featuring on #LateNightInWV the audience are catching on to his unique flow and delivery. We recently saw him make the trip down to London with fellow MD member, Jinx and Reepa for a set at Radar Radio where it was evident for the listeners to hear his comfort and natural ability to shut down a grime set. Now, it is his time to evolve and grow as an all round artist, and like the rest of WV he is set to make waves this year.

Instagram: @_firing

Twitter: @YoungFiring


If you know about Grime and you're from the Midlands, then you will know about Raider. The Stay Fresh veteran has been around for some time now, and has built a huge following after bursting onto the scene at an early age. We have seen him shut down freestyles and tracks consistently over the years, and he is set to continue building his already popular name whilst contributing to the rise of his city, Wolverhampton.

Instagram: @raiderwv

Twitter: @RaiderStayFresh

Infamous Dimez

Dimez is a man of many talents. When he's not cooking up the coldest of beats, he is working on making his own hits. His most notable releases are 'The Truth' and 'Trvphxuse' which have been well received on a wide scale.

The Wolverhampton based artist holds the ability to sing, rap, and go in over traditional grime beats. You may have seen him feature as a producer on a number of projects from artists such as Romey Five, Blay Vision, and his fellow Wolf Pack member, Vital. The future is bright for Dimez as he continues to stay working hard on his high quality production, and you can also look forward to more tracks from the multi-talented creative.

Instagram: @infamousdimez

Twitter: @infamousdimez


Another member of the crew who possesses many talents. Heckz began rapping from an early age, and quickly discovered the ability to produce tracks. His motivation and work rate towards music is second to none, and he has many accolades under his belt during his time in the scene. Not only does he hold many musical talents, but the WV man took the leap and started his own label 'SetPace'. A movement which the whole of Wolverhampton is aware of, and a movement which his team support and are currently thriving under.

We have seen him go in with the production, and one of his most recent successes as a producer comes as the 'POWERS EP', a project which was collaboratively worked on with Vital. Not only this but, he is still shutting down on the microphone. Heckz recently teamed up with a Canadian movement, 'Deadbeats' which saw him release his hit 'Mayweather'.

Instagram: @HeckzSetPace - @SetPaceMusic

Twitter: @HeckzSetPace - @SetPaceMusic

DJ Kingpin

Kingpin stands tall as one of Wolverhampton's hottest DJ's right now with his number of residencies and consist releases of mixes. The Disc Jockey is capable of mixing and working with a range of genres, but his specialty sits with Grime and Hip-Hop. He also holds the title of being Vital's official DJ, and the connection and working relationship they have always results in great shows and performances.

He recently travelled to Rotterdam and showcased his talents at the 'New Skool Rules' festival, and the footage shows him getting people from all over the globe hyped with his selections.

DJ Kingpin is drawing in a strong following with his '20IN20' mixes, but he doesn't plan to stop there, he has a huge list of concepts and ideas on how to promote musical talent, and the CGuk team cannot wait to see what he has in stall.

Instagram: @DJKingPin33

Twitter: @DJKingPin33


Not only is he making waves across the Midlands with his high quality visuals, he has taken his work nationwide, and is rapidly becoming one of the most highly thought of videographers in the UK. But, his talents do not stop there is, he is building his platform as a model, and a public figure in general, all whilst taking control of the popular 'Who's Da Boss' platform. We have seen him work closely with a number of clothing lines, photographers and he has also made cameo appearances in a number of music videos.

ReadTheTitle is responsible for constructing our #LateNightInWV visual which has been well received with the viewers, he holds a strong part in it's success due to his camera work and editing ability. But, this piece of work is no exception. We have seen him team up with Phundo Art, Vital, Heckz, Aystar, Jinx, and many more, with every piece of work being to the highest standard.

The Wolverhampton creative recently formed an alliance with one of the UK's upcoming stars, Izzie Gibbs, and is now responsible for constructing his visuals. The power moves are not planning on stopping their, and you can definitely expect even more work from him.

Instagram: @ReadTheTitle

Twitter: @ReadTheTitle


One of the coldest photographers in the game right now. Every photo included in this article belongs to this man, and there is no doubt that he has a bright future ahead of him. He is currently working for 'Nation Of Billions', a platform created by the reputable, DJ Semtex. It is vital he stays working with these popular platforms in order to receive the recognition he deserves.

His ability to capture moments, and truly represent the emotion and feeling all in one photo is incredible. CGuk first came across JD at Vital's 'Powers Headline Show', and from there he has become a regular member in all of the latest happenings in WV. He attended and perfectly captured shots at the #LateNightInWV shoot, and of course attended the BBC Radio 1Xtra 'Team Takeover'.

You will catch him at all of the must see events, and will be able to appreciate his work just moments after capturing the shot. His work rate can not be questioned, and you will definitely be seeing a lot of his work this year.

Instagram: @jdshotyou

Twitter: @jdshotyou

We must not be mistaken, this is just a small portion of the talent around Wolverhampton, this is a city with huge potential and their are more upcoming talents with the likes of Lil Hits, Sophie Lou and their surrounding collectives are making noise also, and with Wolves growing they will definitely see themselves getting huge recogntion amongst the people.

This is just the start of the new generation of Wolverhampton and their rise to greatness. The wolves are howling, and more and more people are beginning to take notice. We've seen them take over 1Xtra, so what is next?

If you haven't done so already make sure you check out the #LateNightInWV cypher, created by the team here at Creative Generation UK.

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