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NEW: @Sox_Invasion makes a return with his @P110Media #1TAKE

It has been some time since we saw Sox come at us with some fresh content, but the wait is now over. The Birmingham MC built a huge name for himself during the period where the 0121 scene was beginning to receive love and be accepted on a national scale. A large portion of this attention came from Skepta's remix of 'Straight Up', but prior to this Sox had built a huge reputation across the country.

For me, it was refreshing to see the Brum veteran back dropping bars, and he hasn't altered his style or flow, and this recipe still works for him. He has proven that he still holds his ability as an MC, and that he is still capable of coming back into the scene and getting attention.

This one's already picked up 15k views after dropping yesterday. Make sure you go and check it out below.

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