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NEWS: @ArianaGrande' UK concert ends with a devastating bombing at Manchester Arena [#PrayForMan

The whole world has woken up to absolutely terrible news, finding out that Ariana Grande' concert took a turn for the worst and ended with an explosion. Last night the singer performed in Manchester for another leg of her Dangerous Woman Tour, but unfortunately it has left people wondering if they will ever attend a concert again...

How could people do such a thing... Ariana targets her music at young children from the ages of 8-16, meaning her concert was bound to be filled with loads of young children who would not know what to do in a situation like this. The incident took place after Grande's last song, she had left the stage and moments later fans heard a "huge bang". There was a moment of silence and then people in their hundreds started running for exits and screaming. These devastating scenes has left 22 people dead and around 59 people injured - these numbers may change as the days go on.

Despite these horrific scenes, people in Manchester are really coming together as one whole community. We had reports of citizens offering places for people to stay; charge their phones, eat, sleep etc. Taxi companies offering free rides and hotels offering beds to stay for the night. It is really positive to see one community come together as one tried to destroy it.

The scariest thing about this incident is that children received the Christmas present of their dreams, yet ended up fearing for their lives.

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