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NEW: @JHus delivers visuals for 'Common Sense' - [ALBUM OUT NOW]

J Hus' debut album 'Common Sense' has reached number 6 in the UK Album Charts, and he doesn't plan to stop there. His hit single 'Did You See' has taken the nation by storm and still sits very strongly in the top 10 of the singles charts. Now we have been blessed with visuals for the opening track 'Common Sense'. This one dropped just 2 days ago and has already reached an amazing 445,000 views.

The quality of these visuals is seriously impressive. J Hus and his team have put together some cold visuals, with high quality editing effects, with a simplistic setting surrounded his people and multiple J Hus'. We see the Benz feature once again, and it is safe to say that there is no 'stunting' in this one. Hus has taken his music to the next level and he is reaping the benefits from it.

Check out this movie below.

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