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NEW: Is @TheBugzyMalone coming at @Stormzy1 in 'Through The Night' - [@LucknNeat @ZDotProduc

Bugzy is back, and for me this is a controversial return to the scene. 'Through The Night' comes to us via his own channel and has picked up over 200k views. The new single features Garage legends DJ Luck and MC Neat, while Z Dot is on production.

It is safe to say that the 'King Of The North' has been living very comfortably whilst he has been inactive in the music game. We have seen less and less releases, but he is back with a new E.P on the way and a single which has sparked a huge debate amongst the UK scene.

So, why has this one sparked so much debate? It is believed that 'Through The Night' is a diss at Stormzy. A man who has changed the game this year, an artist who has pushed the scene in a direction it has never been pushed before. But, people say that Bugzy and Stormz have been in-directing each other for some time now, but this new releases has sparked up the so called 'beef' more than ever.

In the past we have seen Bugzy talk about his life back in 06 in releases such as 'Gone Clear', 'Go Get Em' and his JDZ Media 'Elite Sessions'. With the 0161 man dropping these lyrics, it would be foolish not to think that Stormzy was throwing shade on Bugzy when he said 'We don't care what you done in '06'. This came on the track 'Standard' which consists of more possible disses at Bugzy. At the time 'Standard' was released we were hearing a lot of talk from Bugzy regarding his views on his 'Fire In The Booth'. It seems Stormzy addressed this by saying 'Wanna talk about views on the fire in the booth go and check my fire in the park'. This is when he went on to discuss Bugzy's talk on his activities back in 06.

As time has gone on their has rumoured to be further dissess with Bugzy discussing 'Brotherhood' and the payment for featuring in this film. We all know Stormzy is the most recognisable UK rapper in the film, and it would seem that Malone is shedding light on Stormzy's role.

We have never really had any full direct hits from Stormzy. We all know he holds himself higher than petty rap beef, and avoids involvement. Bugzy has a history of war'ing and some would say this 'beef's' that he involved himself in helped build his reputation. For someone of Stormzy's reputation and status in the scene, it has to be frustrating and provoking when someone keeps coming at you. Yes, we have seen some subtle responses, but nothing with the intention to spark an official situation between these two.

Saying this, Stormzy did drop this verse on 'Keeping It Real', at track he featured on for P Money's 'Live And Direct' project which dropped last year.

'If you're gonna send then send for the top Look, trust me, I get it (calm) I'll take that shot and I'll take that shot Yeah, I'm photogenic (calm) But when I spray back and I ended careers Don't tell me to dead it ('llow it) Bare of these MCs hate me But they still see me and beg it (pussies) And I still came back with the game on my lap Like "nobody move" (no one) Tryna take care of my Gs Ain't tryna see nobody lose But man try come for my team, I'll dun him off My man thought he's a G, stop running off I've got a crown and you've got a crown But rudeboy, this crown here ain't coming off ('llow it)'

From this verse, the only real shot I see coming at Bugzy is 'I've got a crown and you've got a crown, But rudeboy, this crown here ain't coming off'. In the past we have seen Bugzy refer to himself as the King Of The North and we are receiving an EP from him with that title. We also know that right now Stormzy is the 'King' of the Grime scene. It could be suggested this is the South London MC going at Bugzy. There is rumour he came it him in 'Big For Your Boots', but this has been played down. But, Bugzy did not see it that way, he posted a photo onto social media shortly after the return from Big Mike with the caption 'Tell the King I'm coming', and then was seen interacting with Dillian Whyte on Twitter, someone who Stormzy openly came at and discusses the situation in his NFTR interview.

Following this talk, Bugzy continued to behave in a manner which would suggest he had an issue with Stormzy. He liked numerous tweets aimed at Stormzy, and posted a number of Instagram photos in attempt to spark speculation about a Stormzy and Bugzy beef. The main one being his Valentines Day post saying that after 'date night' he would remind them it's 'Groggy Season'. The next day we got 'Aggy Wid It' which was rumoured to hold bars about Stormz. The drama continued and Stormzy went on to shut Bugzy down after the album released with 'Return Of The Rucksack'.

'Man are getting killed by other MC's then coming round here tryna start Rude boy, we ain't forgotten your past Laughing stock for the year, what a laugh Sending for MC's can't be your path Rude boy, come off my name, just graft Man wanna know what they paid for the part Know that I'm comfy, shout out Noel Clarke Bro you're too thirsty, I don't blame you I get merky, I get paid too You're not certi', I can't hate you Just a wasteman looking for a break-through I know Kofi, I know Kweiku You can't smoke me, I don't rate you'

You will remember Chip's beef with Bugzy and Stormz refers to Bugzy as 'getting killed' and him being a 'laughing stock'. The bars coming at Bugzy state he should stop coming at MC's and graft for his reputation and make a name with his talent not his 'lyrical war'. Stormz then goes on to refer to Bugzy's diss about his role in 'Brotherhood' and simply says 'Know that I'm comfy, shhout out Noel Clarke'.

In any conflicting situation between two people, one way to frustrate and spark reaction is by playing them down and belittling them. Something Stormzy does in his 'Return Of The Rucksack' verse. He says 'I can't hate you', 'You can't smoke me, I don't rate you'. This is very offensive as he shuts him down then goes on to reach number 1 with his debut album.

It wasn't until two days ago that we got anothe response from Bugzy, and this is the most direct yet. He comes in with direct pars, and jumps on Stormzy's flow to diss him. Check the bars below.

'It's looking like beef And they've had nothing but invisible beef'

This comes with reference to Stormzy's lack of direct diss tracks, in particular Cadell. Stormzy never goes hard and direct when it comes to beef, and Bugzy openly drops this in his latest track.

'Looking like you coming up against me Looking like Bugzy Malone's top 3'

It is clear for everyone to see Stormzy is easily in the top 3 artists in the scene right now, and Bugzy is saying that he's coming for his spot and going to apply the pressure to his spot at the top.

'Man are way too big for these beats When they album dropped everybody stop listening To his album after one week'

A play on words to Stormzy's hit track 'Big For Your Boots'. The 0161 man is also suggesting that 'Gang Signs And Prayer' was big for a week, and then the hype died down.

'Now your looking confused looking at me You sing now but you didn't sing last week Oh you want to make a track for the galdem Because the galdem love beauty and the beast'

Bugzy believes Stormzy is confused as to why he is coming at him, but this clearly won't stop him. Bugzy attempts to mock Big Mike for singing on his album and making a track for the females, and goes on to say that the females love his track 'Beauty And The Beast' which he did not change his style for.

'It's not that deep it's not the Loch ness'

'Because I've never been standard'

Simple, two references to Stormzy's tracks 'Not That Deep' and 'Standard'.

'I'll make a dark-skinned MC crumble Just like a double chocolate chip cookie'

We all know Stormzy makes references to him being dark skinned, and Bugzy says he will make him crumble. Referring he will body him when it comes to lyrical war.

So there we have it, the beef between these two broken down. I doubt we'll be getting a response from Stormzy. A man who is on tour and making major moves, many say he won't even entertain this diss. As we await to hear anything new on the situation, make sure you check out the track below.

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