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NEW TRACK: @LittleSimz - Backseat - [@Age101Music]

May 10, 2017

Little Simz has hit us with some fresh new raps, and this track comes with the title, 'Backseat'. It surfaced on her SoundCloud just a few hours ago, and this one see's her get personal and deep as she covers some interesting topics.


On her SoundCloud she gave us a brief description of the track which reads...


'I don't talk or say too much + since the beginning my music has been my way of communicating with the supporters + people who really care about me+ my art. BACKSEAT is an update for the people. It's all in the lyrics. Thank you for listening.'


A great way to give us a deeper insight to what the track means to her as an individual and what actually triggered her to create such an engaging, and sonically pleasing piece of work.

The London based artist is rapidly becoming one of the most popular female artists, and is really building a name for herself, not just here in the UK, but she is taking her sound global.


This summer you can catch her at festivals across the globe, as she travels and gets her art recognised and appreciated by people worldwide. You can find the list below.


May 19th - Kano + Friends @ The Great Escape Festival 2017 - Brighton, UK

May 20th - Dillo Day 2017 - Northwestern University, Illinois, USA

May 27th - Taico Club Festival - Nagano, Japan

June 3rd - Distortion Festival - Copenhagen, Denmark

June 10th - Gorillaz present Demon Dayz Festival - Margate, UK

June 24th - Marsatac Festival - Marseille, France

July 9th - Bass Coast Festival - Merritt, BC, Canada

July 22nd - Afropunk Festival - London, UK

August 18th - Hip Hop Kemp - Prague, Czech Republic

August 19th - Royal Arena Festival - Orpund, Switzerland

August 26th/27th - Afropunk Festival - New York, USA


An action planned few months for Simz, and I cannot wait to see what this year brings for her. If you haven't done so already, make sure you check out 'Backseat' below.


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