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NEW VIDEO: @Blay_Vision ft. @JMEBBK - Gone Mad - (Prod by. Blay Vision) [Directed by. Matt Walker]

Yesterday, we received a brand new track and visual from the talented duo, Blay Vision and JME. This one aired via the BoyBetterKnow YouTube channel, 'ManBetterKnow'. A channel that has been home to some of the most popular tracks from the BBK clique, and we have a new addition in the form of 'Gone Mad'.

This track was produced by Blay himself, and was perfectly set for him and JME to discuss some pressing issues within society. Both artists talk about some 'controversial' topics in their bars, and I believe it engages you much deeper into the track. These verses alongside the hook makes it a track which is going to secure huge amounts of views, and props must be given to Blay Vision and JME for their work on this one.

An interesting concept behind the visual as we see Blay and Jamie Adenuga 'sectioned', giving the impression to me that they are trying to be restricted from discussing these topics. Ironic really, seeing as this visual is going to be extremely popular. Props must be given to Matt Baker on his direction for this one.

Check it out below.

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