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NEWS: @OfficialGiggs drops new track and announces new mixtape 'Wamp 2 Dem'

March 25, 2017

Giggs is taking full advantage of the international fame he has right now and gave us some exclusive tracks and exclusive news via his show on the 'SN1 Show' via Beats1 last night.


The Hollow Man is playing no games. After releasing 'The Landlord' in 2016 it rapidly became one of the hardest projects coming out of the UK in some time, and also caught the eye of Drake. The 6 God started to show love on social media, and as his 'Boy Meets World Tour' kicked off in the UK, we were treated to some unreleased material from the duo which everyone is talking about. These tracks surfaced on 'More Life' and it was only right Giggs acted on the hype. 'No Long Talk' and 'KMT' have seen Giggs' name go worldwide, and with good reason to. For me, those tracks are two of the hardest on the project, and have got everyone talking. With all this hype around his name right now, it was only right that he acted on it and showed us what he has been working on.

The SN1 show was where you could of heard the new track which is called 'Superheroes'. Shortly after playing the track, the Peckham based rapper announced that a mixtape is coming which will have the title 'Wamp 2 Dem'. We did not receive too many details about the project other than it is on the way and we could potentially be expecting it this Summer.

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