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NEW MIXTAPE: @SectionBoyz_ - Soundcheck - [@GRMDaily]

March 25, 2017

Section Boyz surprised us all last night as they dropped a mixtape, exclusive to GRM Daily. It's been a while since we've had some new material from the team, and they've shown everybody that they have been busy cooking up that heat. 'Soundcheck' consists of 19 tracks, and each and every member goes in on this selection.


1. Step In (Prod. By LA Beats)


2. Devil Face (Prod. By MindInTheMusic)


3. Barzy (Prod. By Pinerobeats)


4. Army (Prod. By Rudekid)


5. Lyriczy (Prod. By Wardot)


6. I Like (Prod. By Heavytrackerz)


7. Rules (Prod. By Pinerobeats)


8. Swear on ur life (Prod. By Sx)


9. Mee Too (Prod. By Heavytrackerz)


10. Good Stuff (Prod. By Keanubeats)


11. OMDs (Prod. By Rudekid)


12. Loading (Prod. By Mikabeats)


13. Pengy Say (Prod. By Drapezdapro)


14. Tap Dat (Prod. By Kemwayz)


15. Inna (Prod. By Young Chencs)


16. Fivers and Tenners (Prod. By Z Dot & Krunchie)


17. Came up (Prod. By Montage)


18. Picture (Prod. By Swizzybeatz)


19. Madness (Prod. By Benson)


A huge tracklisting, with some very reputable producers. We see them team up with Rude Kid, Heavytrackerz, Z Dot, SX and many more. This project see's such a wide range of producers, an excellent opportunity for the upcoming producers to get their work and name recognised. With the Section being such a popular collective in the UK, and across the globe, there is no doubt some of these name will see an increase in popularity and demand for their work.


As per usual everyone goes in and it is good to see them back. Maybe we'll get a tour off the back of this?


Make sure you check out the project below.


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