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SINNERS OF FASHION - Amusement 13 - 22.04.17



Sinners Of Fashion is an upcoming events brand which aims to put Birmingham firmly back on the map. It is set to become an annual event, and will be themed each year, all relating to the industry which the team feel so passionately about. This years theme will be based on Tokyo, and the culture they have offered.

After catching up with the 'SOF' team I learned about their views and opinions on the fashion industry and culture in general within our second city.

'3 years ago we would never have thought we could stand tall next to London due to it being the capital but, the creative industry in Birmingham has rapidly grown. This has been pushed immensely by the uprising of social media and the networking opportunities that have surfaced.

It is becoming a much more common occurrence for musical artists and a much wider range of creatives to be involved with fashion which has also raised the levels and made it that little bit more accessible.

There are many brands on the come up but with very little events to display their upcoming work.

The 'Sinners Of Fashion' event will allow a number of brands to showcase their work and reach a much wider, and varied audience.'

This event will be running over the course of the day on 22nd April 2017 and will be held at Amusement 13, in the heart of Birmingham. As we have already stated, Birmingham is becoming a huge creative hub, and Amusement 13 is one venue embracing the creativity and culture surrounding it. With so much underground talent within the city it is about time that the passion that grows here is shown on a wider scale. This will be motivational as well as an opportunity to develop the alternative creative industry in Birmingham. 'Sinners Of Fashion' will be promoting underground fashion brands, rare vintage brands, musical acts, and artists allowing them the opportunity to widen their social media circle, gain connections and develop their networks in the fashion industry.

Throughout the day their will be opportunities to explore the number of brands which will be in attendance, also their will be live, debut performances from local upcoming talent.

If you are in Birmingham on the 22nd make sure you head down to Amusement 13 to check out this event running from 2PM - 6PM. If you would like to build a greater understanding of the event check out the links below.

Instagram - sinneroffashion

Facebook Event - Sinners of Fashion

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