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  • Luis James

NEWS: It looks like the @Sizzle808Mafia vs. @SmokedOutLuger beat battle is back on.

Over the past couple weeks, we have saw the two 808 Mafia founders go back and fourth with eachother over social media and now it is looking like their battle is back on. Before everybody was unsure as to what was happening, there was rumours circulating that they would be having a beat battle with a huge sum of $'s at steak.

Swizz Beatz and Luger have now both confirmed that there is going to be a battle, Swizz even took to Instagram to post a flyer that confirms the battle. Just in case you are unsure what kick started this battle, it initially started when Luger was talking about battling Southside for $50,000. But Southside retaliated saying he isn't battling for less than $100,000 and after this the negotiations simmered down. Until Luger and Swizz have took to social media to confirm the battle, we are just waiting to hear from Southside.

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