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NEW VIDEO: @ToryLanez - Anyway (Prod by. @CSick_)

We have saw a lot of Lanez and C-Sick collaborations over there past, like 'DopeMan Go' and 'Tim Duncan', C-Sick has even caught the label of being a Tory Lanez go-to producer. Now the duo are back with yet another collaboration for their track 'Anyway', which comes with a set of visuals. Check out Lanez' new visuals below.

As we all know, Tory Lanez is currently on a tour around Europe and it is clear to see he has shot some of this video whilst being on the road. We see shots of the Eiffel Tower and the text describes his location as 'Somewhere in Europe'. As always, Tory Lanez is posing with a few beautiful women around him, whilst he blows on his smoke. The video comes to an end when the singer/rapper walks into a party and shows off his lavish partying lifestyle.

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