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NEWS: @Nardwuar interviews Beats 1 radio host @ZaneLowe

Nardwuar adds Zane Lowe to his 'Nardwuar vs' series.

Most if not all music fans should have heard about these two interviewers, Zane Lowe and Nardwuar. Most people will have saw Nardwuar from his 'Vs' series, where he interviews loads of big names in the game. Where as most people will have heard of Zane Lowe from presenting various Beats 1 Radio interview. Well Nardwuar decides to bring the pair together and take Zane Lowe out of his comfort zone.

The pair of interviewers sit down and discuss the Hip-Hop family tree, the history of New Zealand rock, The 7A3 record and loads more. Zane Lowe also gives fans a greater insight into how his whole hosting career in MTV started, which is very interesting to hear. Check out Zane Lowe catch up with Nardwuar below.

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