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NEWS: @NickiMinaj breaks Aretha Franklin's Billboard charting record

Nicki Minaj has been in the public eye a lot recently; with her break up with Meek Mill, performing at Drake's shows, releasing three record featuring the Young Money crew from Paris etc. Well her Paris stay seemed to be the most successful move recently, after releasing her #3PackFromParis 'No Frauds' 'Changed It' 'Regret In Your Tears' she has broken new Billboard records. Read more for the full story

Before Nicki's #3PackFromParis she was tied at the top with Aretha Franklin for the most singles to make the Billboard's Top 100 (the two artists were tied at 73 singles making the top 100). But Minaj' stay in Paris panned out to be one of her most successful trips, because all three singles from #3PackFromParis charted in Billboard's Top 100.

Nicki Minaj clocked in at No.14, 61 and 71 on the trio's debut for April 1st Billboards Top 100. Here is a list of the top 5 females that have had the most entries on the top 100:

1) Nicki Minaj - 76 entries

2) Aretha Franklin - 73 entries

3) Taylor Swift - 70 entries

4) Rihanna - 58 entries

5) Madonna - 57 entries

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