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  • Luis James

NEW TRACK: @ShyGlizzy Ft. @21Savage - No I.D

Upcoming artist Shy Glizzy has had a positive start to 2017, with the release of his EP 'The World Is Yours' and he is now back with a collaboration with one of the rap scene's biggest stars at the moment. The duo appeared on Ralo's 'I Hope It Don't Jam' off his 'Famerican Gangster 2' project and now they are hitting us with their own collaboration 'No I.D'.

There is no doubt that this catchy record will be loved in the streets, especially how Glizzy has managed to get street artist 21 Savage on the track. Shy Glizzy incorporates 21's name into the hook, rapping "I don't need no I.D, I'm with 21" which is also play on words with the legal drinking age in America. Check out 'No I.D' above.

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