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NEW: @TrvisXX drops the #BirdsInTheTrap short film via @AppleMusic

March 14, 2017

You can now watch Travis Scott's new short film here.


It has definitely been a long time coming...This short film was actually announced back in July last year and after 8 months it is finally here. This short film is the follow up from his 'La Flame' documentary that was released om September 2016 where the rapper talks about life and death. Travis admitted he was supposed to be dropping the Birds In The Trap short film with the album, you can stream the film below.



The short film reaches the internet to celebrate Birds In The Trap Sing Mcknight nearly achieving 1 billion streams via Apple Music. For any album to almost reach this many streams is a big achievement and I like the inventive way Travis has chosen to celebrate. "You know I'm always into film" Travis Scott says, this film should help push the rapper to his desired 1 billion streams and that may cause for even bigger celebration... who knows.



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