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NEW VIDEO: Stash Peso ft. Ricky Ramsey - Liquid Darkness - Visuals by. Jeaniq & KZNCreative

This fresh new release comes from two talented creatives who are focused on bringing to us high quality forms of art. Stash Peso and Ricky Ramsey are both London based artists who possess great talent, and this is evident in their latest drops 'Liquid Darkness'.

This visual has been split into two chapters which have been set up in the form so that Ricky Ramsey can deliver his work, and as we delve deeper into the music, Stash Peso jumps in with his cold delivery and intriguing lyrical content. This duo are set for big things this year, with both Ricky and Stash having many talents, with music being a factor which will help them build strong names for themselves.

Serious props must be given to Jeaniq and KZN Creative as the team have brought some extremely unique, but engaging direction, whilst catching some clean and crisp shots to give this piece of art the imagery and visual concept it deserves.

Make sure you check it out below.

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