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NEWS: @SoundCloud find new inventive ways to attract their audience

It hasn't been too long since SoundCloud initially launched their SoundCloud Go subscription and like many other streaming services it was priced at £9.99 a month. Despite the launch recently taking place, the company are already altering their plans... They have officially launched a £4.99 subscription.

They have decided to change their original subscription plan to 'SoundCloud Go+' and their new cheaper subscription will take the old name 'SoundCloud Go'. I am sure everyone is thinking, so what is the difference? Well at the moment, there isn't a lot of difference. Both subscription options offer you the chance to listen to ad-free music and save tracks onto your mobile device, to listen to when you're offline.

The 'SoundCloud Go+' option will allow you to listen to 150 million songs, where as the 'SoundCloud Go' option will just allow you to listen to 120 million songs. The streaming service are set to be including additional exclusive product features very soon. Keep posted with SoundCloud's subscriptions with CGUK.

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