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NEWS: @Rihanna receives her 'Humanitarian Of The Year' award

Rihanna recieves Harvard's 'Humanitarian Of The Year' award.

The winner of this award was first announced last week, but Rihanna actually went to recieve her award on Tuesday night. She collected the award for her hard work with the underpriviledged people in her home country of Barbados and her contributions to a lot of girl' educations.

"To be acknowledged at this magnitude, for something that, in truth, I've never wanted credit for"

As expected, Rihanna accepted her award with a massive smile on her face, telling the audience that everyone is human and everyone should have a chance at 'normal' things in life. This is not a first when it comes to the superstar winning awards, but this one means a lot more to Rihanna, it's not just for her music, her hard work is finally being recognised. She says "I'm incredibly humbled by this".

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