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NEW: #TheGrimeShow w/ @SirSpyro - @Stormzy1 brings through @izzieGibbs @Jaykae10 @DapzOnTheMap - [@R

'They said Stormzy can't be the king of grime, cuh he can't do radio sets,

let's be real, rudeboy I would light up a radio set'

Last night Stormzy linked up with co-producer of his debut album #GSAP, Sir Spyro for his Sunday slot on Rinse FM. #TheGrimeShow has seen some big sets, with some of the most popular MC's coming through and shutting down. But, last night we were treated to an exclusive. Big Mike is quite open with the fact he doesn't make appearances on radio on a regular basis, and addresses the critics with the quote above...and to really silence them he came through the Rinse FM studios, and brought Izzie Gibbs, Jaykae and Dapz On The Map with him. Showing the Midlands love, and jumping on mic to let everyone know he really can 'light up a radio set'.

I feel that Stormzy was selective with who he offered the opportunity to come and shell alongside im, and it was Northampton and Birmingham who got the call. Hopefully, we will see some collaborative work from the artists, and it has been posted on social media for everyone to see today that Jaykae and Dapz On The Map spent some time with Stormz himself after the set.

Gibbs also posted a clip of an Kiss FM interview Stormzy recently did where he says that the Northampton artist is the artist to watch within the UK.

So, Stormzy has silenced his critics and also shown love on a national scale, and hopefully we might see some collaborations in the near future.

Check out the set below.

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