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NEW VIDEO: @Skepta- No Security - (Directed by. @MattWalkerFilm & Skepta)

After performing at the Brits and 'shutting down', representing the UK Grime scene on a platform which has never been touched, Skeppy brought us some fresh new visuals. A cold, new type of visual. Looking extremely professional, it is when art like this is brought to the table it really shows how far the scene has come from the hood videos that we spent so long watching and analysing MC's, and deciding who was hard and who wasn't.

The official audio release for 'No Security' was released via his SoundCloud on Halloween last year. It received over 1 million plays and collected almost 30k 'likes'. Skepta has contributed immensely to the development and elevation of the grime scene, and he is now reaping the rewards and benefits of his hard work. He has spent so long perfecting his sound and ensuring that he creates music which he is in full control of. Skeppy has ensured he has full control over his content, hence we has remained independent and kept his BBK movement strong.

It is his determination to remain independent which contributes to why his work is always of a highest quality, because he has such a clear idea of how he wants his music to sound, and visuals to look like. For the 'No Security' visual he teamed up with creative director, Matt Walker, and it is evident that these two work extremely well together.

Make sure you check out the visual below.

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