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NEW TRACK: @Gucci1017 Ft. @NickiMinaj - Make Love

You might remember that on Thursday night, Gucci promised he would drop the "Hardest song of the year", then hours later he drops this track 'Make Love' featuring Nicki Minaj. Is this the 'hardest song' he was on about? Take a listen to 'Make Love' below and cast your own opinion.

As stated in the title 'Make Love', this song was bound to have some references to romantic situations and that is exactly what Gucci did. Despite rapping about making '2 mill a day', Guwop gives us an insight into his aspirations for his wedding "I'm trying to book Beyonce for my wedding day. I'm the type of ni**a to spend a million on a wedding cake"

Nicki delivers just as good of a verse as Atlanta Santa, but Nicki's seemed to be more personal. We hear Nicki get quite defensive on the record, as though she believes someone is coming for her crown. "Oh you the quee, the queen of this here?/One platinum plaque, album flopped, bitch, where?

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