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NEW VIDEO: @KodakBlack1K - Tunnel Vision

Kodak drops the visuals for his new track 'Tunnel Vision'.

Before the end of 2016 a video of Kodak's 'Tunnel Vision' surfed the internet and became instantly very popular. It was simply just a video of the rapper dancing to the song in the studio, but the easily-imitable dance caught on quite quick and eventually had the whole internet dancing to it. Now we finally have the official video and full track, you can check it out below.

This video is certain to attract a lot of attention in America due to the fact Kodak Black includes scenes where an African American, appears to have to fight for his survival against a white male. Asides from the fighting, Michael Gracia has directed a cutting music video with Kodak wearing a Haitian flag as a bandana and his squad posing infront of a burning cross.

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