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NEW VIDEO: @NafeSmallz - These Days - (Prod by. @TheTrillBeats) [Visuals by. BDot & @Vickm0nt] -

Nafe Smallz built a reputation for himself throughout 2016, with a very unique style. His flow and delivery is very hard to compare to any other UK artist, but there is no doubt over whether this approach works, he has seen himself collect thousands of views over a number of releases, and he is now getting the recognition for his hard work.

The track we have received visuals for is entitled 'These Days', which was released on Nafe's SoundCloud 11 days ago. The track collected up over 17,000 plays, so it is safe to say a visual was definitely required. We see Smallz approach the track with his usual flow, inserting his adlibs throughout. This sound works very well for the young creative, and is getting a lot of love right now. He has linked up with 'The Trill', a Canadian plug for the beat, and the overseas influence is evident in his sound.

In fact, not only is it evident, but overseas artists are starting to watch his movements. Young Thug has recently been posted in the studio with Nafe that a collaboration we can look forward to?

The Luton based talent has linked up with BDot and Vickmont for the visuals and they have cooked up a madness. You can check their work for 'These Days' below.

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