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  • Luis James

NEW: @YoungMAmusic raps for @TheFader ‘The Sex Issue Freestyle’

Ever since Young MA released ‘Ooouuu’ her life has not been the same; from performing at the BET Awards, to award nominations and topping the charts - it has been a mad rollercoaster for the Brooklyn rapper. Now she is the face of Fader’s first ever sex issue and I am sure this will be one of M.A’s biggest achievements. As we all know Young MA doesn’t keep her sexuality a secret in her raps and day to day life, but now she is finally being recognised for that and is being allowed to change to viewers opinions on being a gay female. To celebrate their ‘The Sex Issue’, Fader have got M.A to perform a freestyle and be the face of their campaign.

The female rapper attacks the cover performing acapella for this very explicit freestyle, she completely slows her flow down so every line hits the fans and can be easily translated. She keeps sexuality and love at the heart of the freestyle and really reaches out to the fans sexual side, delivering some x-rated raps. The Fader will be sharing multiple stories from the Sex issue over the next few weeks via their online website, it will be available on the shelfs March 7th. There are apparently two more cover features to come, who do you think they will be?

This is a clever move by The Fader Magazine, it is a good subject to tackle in this day and age, they can use it to educate the youth and promote their magazine and artists. They plan to release more stories about the future of sexual education, self defence for sex workers, group sex and everything else including the sexual category.

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