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NEWS: @Drake offers refund after @TrvisXX falls off stage in London [#BoyMeetsWorldTour]

Drake has been all around the world in 2016 with Future for his Summer Sixteen Tour and he kick starts his 2017 travelling for his Boy Meets World Tour. After visitng Amsterdam, the London trip is upon us ... And Drake has snatched many headlines with this leg of the tour. The UK scene was going crazy when Drake brought out two massive UK rap artists; Section Boyz and Giggs, who has an unreleased track with Drizzy. Another night of the London leg and the Toronto artist has the whole internet popping, but it isn't Drake grabbing the headlines, it is actually his special guest Travis Scott who has the whole internet talking.

Last night in London Drake and Young Thug brought out Travis Scott to perform 'Antidote', his collab with Thugger 'Pick Up The Phone' and 'Goosebumps'. It was when Travis performed 'Goosebumps' it all went wrong, after walking a few metres onto the main stage Scott fell down a whole in the stage, yelling 'Yeaaaah' on his way down. Rapidly, Drake pulls Travis Scott up out of the sticky prediciment whilst saying "It's turnt".

Travis Scott labelled the events as "By far one of the most turnt and epic shit ever fuck" as he tweeted early this morning. Whilst Drake seems to be quite affected by the events and told his fans that it was going to be a free show, meaning that Drake must be refunding all the tickets. Whether he was being serious or not, no one knows - all we know is that will definitely go down in a moment of history. Check out the fall above and preview Drake telling his fans "I hope you enjoyed the free show tonight"

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