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NEWS: Stormzy - #GSAP - 24:02

After disappearing from social media, and the music scene over recent months. His last drop came as the soundtrack for 'Brotherhood', and ever since he has been silent. We are awaiting his eagerly anticipated album, and today his #Merky brand took to billboards across London to promote something new and fresh, and everyone is saying the album is very close.

Stormz has rapidly become one of grime's most influential stars in it's recent rise in popularity, and this has seen him collect a number of MOBO Awards and a Brit nomination. In an interview Stormzy spoke about what he feels his responsibility as an artist is and why it is so important for him express his opinion. We live in a generation where people do not express their feelings about particular social situations, and this becomes an ongoing problem in society. Stormzy says he is ready to be a soldier and voice his opinions through the power of music. From this you might be able to get a better understanding of what to expect from the album...

His absence from the scene must mean he has been putting in serious work and will have allowed him to prepare for the wave he is about to create as he continues his journey on taking grime global.

The mysterious hashtag of #GSAP is set to spark speculation of the title of the album and social media has already gone into uproar as suggestions and guesses of the project name get thrown around.

So, 24th February 2017 is a date that everyone is know expecting, and I feel after Konnichiwa, Made In The Manor and The Landlord, all we're missing is a Stormzy album. 2017, is set to see the UK music scene reach dizzy heights.

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