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NEW EP: @vgwills_ - PRODBYWILLS [Instrumental EP]

Wills, a rapper based in the West Midlands is back with another project - however this EP may surprise you. Despite Wills being heavily exposed as a rapper, he is now starting to showcase his talents as a producer. The rapper from Zimbabwe has been writing/rapping since the age of 11, it makes sense to portray his other talents and when you can make beats like this... it is only right.

When questioning Wills about what kind of artist he thinks would body the beats, he explained "someone lyrical but someone who can have fun with the flow at the same time and is able to blend with the beats". These beats were made naturally for himself to rap on. However he decided that he wanted someone else to set fire to them.

Wills was looking for some singers rather than rappers to hop on the beat, but it seemed to take a while for him to find what he was looking for. It got to the point where he just wanted the world to hear these beats, he felt like they was too good to be unheard.

You can check out the fresh new EP from the multi-talented Wills below.

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