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  • Luis James

NEW ALBUM: @Migos - Culture

It has definitely felt like we have all been waiting ages for this moment and after months of promotion and pushing the message behind the album, Migos have finally released their album 'Culture'. I am sure everyone is pleased that the number one record in the country 'Bad and Boujee' is featured on this project along side many other hits they have released. The project couldn't have came at a better time, it really does feel like the 'Culture' is accepting the Migos and their talents - take a listen to 'Culture' below.

This album doesn't disappoint with their features, they have added some very big names to this highly anticipated album. Gucci Mane, 2 Chainz, Travis Scott, DJ Khaled and Lil Uzi Vert all make an appearance on this masterpiece. 'Culture' is filled with 13 tracks in total and features their smash no.1 hit 'Bad and Boujee' featuring Lil Uzi Vert. It also already has 3 visuals available to watch via YouTube, 'Bad and Boujee', 'T-Shirt' and 'Call Casting' all dropped prior to the album release.

Culture is available to purchase/stream on all your usual sites; Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music. Not only this but Migos have switched it up a little and made their album available for Youtubers too - this may end up becoming a bad move for their sale numbers, but atleast they are letting everyone enjoy the album and embrace the 'Culture'.

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