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NEW VIDEO: @YxngBane - Shape Of You REMIX [@EdSheeran] - (Visuals by. @Wowa_) - [@SBTVonline]

After Ed Sheeran made a come back to the industry with some new work, he took straight to the number 1 spot with 'Shape Of You'. A track which has received universal love, and took the industry by storm. Yung Bane is clearly feeling the tune, and cooked up some of his cold raps to drop over the beat. With Ed giving it the nod of approval, and Amir Mekkaoui jumping on the camera, here we have official remix, presented to you by SBTV.

Yung Bane is killing it right now, he has been making serious noise and is at the forefront of this new generation sound that has become so popular. To jump on the remix for such a popular track will definitely uplift and elevate his name that little bit more, and receiving the nod of approval from Ed Sheeran is a huge push in itself, to be recognised and appreciated by an artist with so many accolades and such a big following is a very good look.

A very official release for this one. SBTV presenting the remix, who we know are closely connected with Ed, and there is talks that he may be making a return to the platform.

It was Amir Mekkaoui who captured the visuals, and as per usual, he has produced some high quality work.

Check this one out below.

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