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NEW: Dave x J Hus - Samantha - Prod by. JAE5 - Directed by. LX

Two of the hottest artists in the UK scene have joined forces to bring us the biggest release of 2017 so far. Just a month into the new year, and this is going to be a track that gets love from January to December.

J Hus makes a return to link up with Dave for this fresh new track 'Samantha', and if he keeps up the quality of these verses then he is set to do a madness this year.

As per usual Dave brings those real, genuine raps to the table alongside his melodic hooks. The contrast between J Hus and Dave makes this track very sonically pleasing. Dave has a very smooth, clean flow and delivery, J Hus comes through with a very unique sound, but the differences between these two compliment each other.

Both Hus and Dave bring lyrics with clever wordplay, and punchlines, it is the lyrics that draw you in further, but it is the beat and their delivery which initially engages you. Props must be given to 'JAE5' on the beat, who has produced the instrumental which suits these two a lot. From the pianos, to the bass, the elements of this one are set up nicely for J Hus and Santan Dave.

It is 'DirLX' who has shot and cut the visuals, and each and every time he gets to work he delivers a madness, and 'Samantha' is no different.

Do not sleep on this one, check it out below.

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